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Face mask bracket - What you should know before ordering

Updated: Dec 24, 2020

COVID-19 prevention: Face mask brackets are becoming popular, but here is what you should know before ordering one

A mask bracket is a cage-like frame that is designed in the shape of a mask. This is to be worn underneath a mask to hold the shape of the mask and be a barrier between it and the face.

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic has been declared, face masks have become a necessity for all. Once we accepted their importance in our lives, innovation led to the market being flooded with many different options, from masks that kill the virus on contact to embroidered options to fit your stylish needs.

But despite the fact that people have hundreds of options to choose from when it comes to buying a mask, many still have a few common complaints. And that's where mask brackets come into the picture.

What are face mask brackets?

A face mask bracket or mask brace is a cage-like frame that is designed in the shape of a mask. This is to be worn underneath a mask to hold the shape of the mask and be a barrier between the mask and your face. It is made up of materials like plastic or silicone. It fits around the cheeks and chin and rests over the bridge of the nose. It may have hooks to clip the mask to. These are mostly designed to fit surgical masks and are easily available to buy online in India.

Why is the mask brackets gaining demand?

Reportedly, mask brackets are said to be useful in reducing the discomfort associated with wearing a mask. Here are a few supposed advantages of mask brace:

1. People often complain about breathing problems while wearing a mask and a mask brace may help you breathe more comfortably.

2. Some people might experience difficulty in speaking through a mask but a brace might allow you to speak more clearly.

3. Maskne, a kind of acne that occurs due to skin irritation and sweating from wearing a mask has become prevalent lately. The mask brace also claims to prevent this skin problem.

4. The fabric fibers of the mask may also tickle the tip of the nose or lips, making it bothersome for some. A mask brace prevents the mask from touching the face.

Is it safe to use a face mask bracket?

As of now, there is a scarcity of data as there are no studies and research done on the effectiveness of the face mask bracket. Therefore, there are a few concerns about using it.

A mask ensures safety by covering the mouth, nose and chin. A properly fitted mask should properly cover these parts of the face to provide maximum protection to you as well as others whom you come in contact with.

If a face mask bracket creates some tiny gaps between the edges of the mask, does not fit well on the face or keeps the mask from covering the face adequately then it may increase the risk of spreading COVID-19 . That is why, if you opt to wear a face mask bracket then you must find a bracket that fits the mask and your face perfectly. You would also need to wash or disinfect it after each use, just like your mask.

Those who are seeking maskne relief by using a face mask bracket should consider the fact that a mask bracket may equally irritate the skin. Your best bet to avoid maskne is to use a clean, soft fabric mask and wash the mask after every use (if it is reusable). Using a light moisturizer or sunblock cream may also be helpful.

In the end, you must keep in mind that the ultimate goal of a mask is safety, and face mask brackets should not compromise the purpose.

Source: Myupchar December 05, 2020

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